Spiked Roller

Used to deaerate fresh floor coatings to ensure that all air bubbles are removed and for levelling off certain types of flooring compounds, a spiked roller is a must have tool for any professional flooring contractor in the UK. If chosen and used correctly, a spiked roller can enable you to deliver a flawless coating application, no matter how uneven the surface being worked on is. Here at VI Distribution, we understand this completely which is why we ensure that all of our customers have access to high quality spiked rollers which are hard wearing and durable. In fact, we are so dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs that we are the UK's sole supplier of KAM Bubblebuster® spiked rollers. Designed for the toughest of projects and coatings, a KAM spiked roller is perfect for delivering a flawless application every time!

What Makes A KAM Spiked Roller Stand Out?

Founded in 1997, KAM Tools have been designing specialist coating application tools which enable flooring contractors across the UK to deliver a high standard service. They specialise particularly on designing their own range of KAM Bubblebuster® spiked rollers which have quickly become the leading brand amongst most flooring contractors worldwide. At VI Distribution, we are not at all surprised by the popularity of KAM spiked rollers as the tools have been adapted and improved over many years to ensure that today, they can meet market demands whilst also providing an easy, user friendly and professional solution for the toughest of flooring projects.

In fact, a KAM Bubblebuster spiked roller provides the perfect solution for deaerating a range of flooring overlay systems including polymer modified cementitious, liquid coatings and multi-component flooring materials.

Here at VI Distribution, we strive to cater to all needs which is why we offer both long spiked rollers and short spiked rollers in a variety of widths.

Order Your Spiked Rollers Today

If you are a professional flooring contractor and you would like to find out more about what a KAM spiked roller could do for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are certain that you won’t be disappointed with choosing KAM Tools spiked rollers for your projects!