Emergency Safety Helmet ID Tag

Emergency Safety Helmet ID Tag


Health and Safety is or should always be first and formost whatever the industry.

We all know the military keep critical and what could be life-saving information close to their chest in the form of a dog tag, so why shouldn't site workers keep this information close.

Vital ID worker ICE Helmet ID tag will do just that, simply fit the exterior of a safety helmet.

ICE- In Case of Emergency, lifesaving information can then be securely stored and available in the event of a serious accident or medical emergency.

Read more about the Vital ID worker ICE Helmet ID tag below;

The WSID-01 is the original Worker ID.

It is easily fitted to the exterior of each worker’s hard hat. Securely stores their critical and potentially lifesaving ID information essential in the event of a serious accident or medical emergency.

Certified to meet ANSI Standard Z89.1-2014 for Flammability & Electrical Insulation (Type 1, Class E compliant)

Featuring a new Emergency Design that utilizes the internationally recognized Star of Life medical symbol. The waterproof ID card has been improved to increase the amount of information stored to further strengthen the function of this ID in use.

Versatile and can be fitted to clothing and other work equipment such as a harness, reflective vest or other PPE. It is durable and can withstand extended use in extremes of heat and cold.

This Worker ID product is a perfect solution to assist in the essential work of pro-active health and safety officers in all helmet wearing industries such as construction, oil & gas, mining, heavy industry, railways, and utilities.

Always be AHEAD of the game.