High Quality Seal Coats with Nylon Blue Stripe Rollers

High Quality Seal Coats with Nylon Blue Stripe Rollers


As any flooring contractor and trade decorator knows, investing in high quality paint rollers can help you to apply seal coats on large surface areas professionally and quickly. At VI Distribution, we understand the importance of having access to only the best coating application tools completely, which is why we supply nylon blue stripe rollers; hard wearing and available in a range of sizes, our nylon blue stripe rollers offer exceptional paint absorption and are designed to tackle even the toughest of jobs!

Why Choose Nylon Blue Stripe Rollers from VI Distribution?

Nylon blue stripe rollers are a popular choice for applying seal coats and at VI Distribution, we are not at all surprised as the rollers can deliver a professional coating when used correctly. Below are some of the key reasons for choosing nylon blue stripe rollers from VI Distribution for your project:

  • Manufactured using the latest technology which moulds the material to the inner core, nylon blue stripe rollers provide fantastic absorption with no matting. The result is professional, long-lasting seal coats.

  • All our nylon blue stripe rollers are also solvent resistant and are ideal for the application of various resins including thick epoxy coatings.

  • Our blue stripe paint rollers are also suitable for use on smooth to semi-rough surfaces including ceilings, walls, and floors and can reach even the most awkward corners for a full coverage.

  • At VI Distribution, we stock nylon blue stripe rollers in a range of sizes starting from 4-inches to 15-inches and we also offer a 4” Medium Pile Jumbo Blue Stripe Roller for tougher jobs.

  • Finally, by choosing nylon blue stripe rollers from VI Distribution, you are guaranteed a reliable product which is designed to help you to achieve exceptional results every time!

    Order Your Nylon Blue Stripe Rollers Today:

    If you have any questions about our nylon blue stripe rollers, then please contact us today, you can also browse our complete range online here. With over 10 years’ experience providing specialist coating application tools to trade decorators and flooring contractors throughout the UK, we have acquired a wealth of specialist knowledge and have built a reputation on providing reliable products at affordable prices.