Specialist Paint Roller Frames to Suit Every Project

Specialist Paint Roller Frames to Suit Every Project


High quality paint roller frames are a vital part of every commercial painter and decorators tool kit. As coating consumables specialists, VI Distribution understand this completely which is why we supply hardwearing paint roller frames which offer seamless flexibility and control. Our main priority is meeting our customers’ needs and this is reflected perfectly through the specialist products that we supply. Currently, we offer a range of high quality paint roller frames which are designed specifically to ensure that you deliver a perfect application every time, no matter how large a surface area you are working with!

Our Range of Paint Roller Frames:

As any professional decorator knows, purchasing high quality coating application tools can have a significant impact upon the time and effort required to complete any project. For this reason, VI Distribution supply a range of specialist paint roller frames and a wide choice of accompanying paint roller refills to cater for all requirements. We offer paint roller frames from 4-inches to 24-inches, each with varying handle lengths to ensure that you are equipped for whatever project comes your way! In addition to offering a variety of sizes, we also offer a range of designs including, but not limited to:

  • Dual Arm Frames which feature a strong, single piece flat cast aluminium frame with pin and full bar fixings for a controlled and professional application.

  • Clip Release Frames which easily accommodate our Jumbo range of paint roller refills which are suitable for both smooth and uneven surfaces.

  • Cage Frames which feature a heavy-duty handle and steel frame. Combined with our nylon blue striped rollers, you can deliver a smooth and easy application on any surface area with our caged frames.

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    If you’re looking for paint roller frames which guarantee a professional application, VI Distribution can help! You can browse our complete range of frames here. If you do however require advice about which paint roller frames would best suit your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of service and advice and would be more than happy to help!