KAM Bubble Buster Rollers

KAM Bubble Buster Rollers

Here at VI Distribution , we take great pride in meeting the needs of our customers and unlike our competitors, we always go that extra mile to ensure that each of our customers have access to the very best coating consumables, tools, and supplies. Nowhere is this clearer than through our exclusive range of KAM Bubble Buster® spiked rollers.

As established surface preparation specialists, we understand that spiked rollers are a vital piece of equipment for flooring contractors across the UK which is why we stock and supply industry leading spiked rollers. A KAM Bubble Buster Roller enables you to easily leave even the most uneven surface looking and feeling smooth. So, for durable, high quality spiked rollers that you can rely on every time, look no further than our unique range of KAM Bubble Buster Rollers!

The UK’s Sole Provider of KAM Bubble Buster Rollers!

For over 15 years, KAM Tools have been designing and manufacturing spiked rollers which easily meet growing industry demands whilst providing established and new flooring contractors with the ability to professionally deaerate even the toughest of flooring surfaces. With a KAM Bubble Buster Roller, you can deliver a high standard service to be proud of.

As the UK’s sole provider of KAM Bubble Buster® Rollers, VI Distribution offer KAM Bubble Buster Rollers in a variety of widths to ensure that all needs and project sizes are catered for. Hard-wearing and versatile, a KAM Bubble Buster® spiked rollers makes easy work of levelling surfaces and removing air bubbles from floor coatings including polymer modified cementitious, liquid coatings and multi-component flooring materials. From long and short spiked rollers to super sharp spiked rollers , our KAM Bubble Buster range has it all!

Get in Touch for KAM Bubble Buster Rollers

If you are unsure about which sized spiked rollers would best suit your needs and requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, a member of our highly knowledgeable and expert team would be more than happy to advise you. We are renowned for our high level of customer service and our equally excellent products which put your needs first. So, if you’re in need of professional, hardwearing spiked rollers, look no further than our excusive KAM Bubble Buster Rollers!