Diamond Grinding Discs

Diamond Grinding Discs

With over 10 years’ experience supplying customers nationwide with professional surface preparation tools, at VI Distribution, we understand how important it is to have access to floor preparation abrasives which are up to scratch! As part of our floor preparation abrasives range, we are the proud suppliers of diamond grinding discs which make easy work of grinding, smoothing, flattening, and shaping concrete and masonry surfaces and are available in a range of sizes for a variety of applications.

Choosing Diamond Grinding Discs from VI Distribution

As surface preparation specialists, we believe that when searching for diamond grinding discs, there are several factors which you must take into consideration. As any flooring contractor knows, it is vital to have diamond grinding discs which are efficient, this to say that the abrasives must produce the most desirable and cost effective performance to benefit your business. A cheaper alternative may be better for your bank account but overall, it can mean that simple jobs take longer than needed and require more effort, on top of this, results may not always be of the same high standard. With diamond grinding discs from VI Distribution however, you can grind, smooth or flatten stone surfaces with ease and can feel confident that you will be left with flawless results.

Another important factor to take into consideration is safety. Diamond grinding discs must fit securely and safely on grinders to not only ensure the safety of workers but to also ensure that surfaces are not damaged. With cheaper abrasives, wheels can often disintegrate and segments can even break off! At VI Distribution, safety is of the highest priority and we carefully select only the highest quality products which deliver a professional service whilst meeting safety demands.

Diamond Grinding Discs & Much More!

In addition to supplying premium quality diamond grinding discs in a variety of sizes, we also supply grinders which offer outstanding durability, increased heat resistance and a superior anti-dust structure to ensure that it can work to its highest ability.

To complete your floor preparation abrasive project, we are also a reputable supplier of personal protective equipment and supply everything from dust masks and knee pads to ear and eye protective equipment! With VI Distribution, we can cater to your every need, making your job easier!

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Our ability to provide a diverse range of products from one source has enabled us to develop close business relationships with some of the largest contractors in the flooring sector. So, if you're also looking for diamond grinding discs or any other surface preparation tools and supplies, why not get in touch today? Being based in the Midlands means that we can easily provide our services nationwide and with next day “on site” delivery available and a reputation for consistently providing an excellent service, there really is no need to look elsewhere!