Coating Application Tools

Are you a resin flooring contractor? Are you looking for a reliable supplier of coating application tools to help you complete your projects quickly and effectively? If so, look no further than VI Distribution!

With over 10 years’ experience supplying coating application tools to flooring specialists, we have become renowned for supplying tools which consistently deliver the professional result that contractors want for the application of flooring overlay systems such as Polymer Modified Cementitious, Liquid Coatings and Multi-Component flooring materials.

In addition to this, we also pride ourselves on supplying a wide range of coating application tools at competitive prices so that you no longer have to spend time shopping around.

Our Range of Coating Application Tools

Paint Roller Refills

We have a huge selection of paint roller refills for you to choose from including, but not limited to, microfiber roller refills, polyester roller refills, foam roller refills and polymer roller refills.

We also offer a selection of nylon blue stripe roller refills which are ideal for the application of various resins including polyurethane and epoxy. Each roller refill is thermo bonded and solvent resistant, making them a perfect choice for seal coats!

Roller Frames

For a seamless coating, we offer a range of roller frames to fit a variety of roller refill sizes. Currently, we offer dual arm frames , clip release frames , cage frames and spindle frames , all at competitive prices.

Spiked and Stub Rollers

Perfect for deaerating and levelling floor coatings, spiked and stub rollers are a staple tool for any flooring contractor! At VI Distribution, we are the UK's sole supplier of KAM spiked rollers which guarantee a smooth, professional finish for even the toughest of flooring projects. To view our full KAM range, click here.

Spreading & Levelling Tools

We stock a range of spreading and levelling tools which make coating application easier and quicker. We stock everything from floor spreaders and double edge rakes to Screedboxes which provide an efficient and consistent way of laying various screed materials such as; Stone Carpets and Epoxy. To choose the best option for your project, view our full range here.

At VI Distribution, we also supply staple coating application tools such as trowels, mixing tools, brushes and squeegees and paint brushes. No matter how big or small your project is, we guarantee to have quality products at competitive prices which will help you to complete it efficiently and to a high standard.

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If you are interested in purchasing coating application tools, you can browse our full range online here. Alternatively, if you have any questions or you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.